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Welcome to The Strugglepreneur Podcast. Join the struggle, be my friend. Come experience growth with me as I try to make money online. Bring your tea or coffee and come listen and hopefully have a laugh or two as I discuss my attempts at entrepreneurship as a stay at home dad to 5 children.

Nov 26, 2019

In this episode Yong Jae Chong from the Merch Minds Podcast drops in for a chat. Michael and Yong discuss the history of and the current state of Merch by Amazon and print on demand. Yong also talks about how to hire local graphic students to create designs. They also discuss Yong’s e-book, Understanding Typography for Merch By Amazon. Yong also reveals that he is considering conducting a Typography Live workshop and asks the listeners if they would be interested in watching. Would you like to see a Typography Live Workshop from Yong in 2020? Email us and let us know at

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